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Since 3/24/96:  Proud to be the longest (self-proclaimed) running anti-Beatle site on the internet.

The Beatles:  All the music that's fit to make me throw up.  Why?  Because I can.
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The Rutles: The Band the Beatles Ripped off.  Ok, now this cracks me up.  This poor guy was probably swamped with threatening letters from stupid Beatles' fans, so now when you go to his page through my link, he's got a disclaimer saying to the effect "please, I love the Beatles, don't send me hate mail"!!!



This page is dedicated to the mo

That's right, just what you've been waiting for, a Christmas present for you... AN UPDATE (12/19/2010)

Now with an easier to remember name:

That's right, I'm still alive.  Also glad to see some Facebookers are plagerizing my wonderful site and have created a Help the Beatles Suck Group.  Join Now!

This page is dedicated to the most overrated band in rock & roll history. More overrated than the Stones, more than Led Zepplin, more than Michael Jackson, even more overrated than Britney or Jessica Simpson.  The best I can say about them is that at least none of them got totally whacked out like so many stars.

They remind me of Saturday Night Live, they just won't go away. Of course the difference is SNL was good at one time.

What is it anyway? I know the American public is like a herd of cows, eating up whatever is put in their face. Hell, half of them don't know the Earth revolves around the Sun once a year. But Jesus, you'd think in 30+ years they'd wake up!

There are no Beatles pictures on this web site. I'm not going to waste your time downloading any, and I'm certainly not going to use up valuable server space on that crap. I've also rearranged the order of the "least talented Beatle" since some Beatle fans were confused on the way it was presented. I have assumed too much in thinking they could read plain English.

The hypocrisy of the average Beatle fan is demonstrated with much of the hate mail that I have received. I've been told the Beatles are all about "peace" and "love" (gimme a break, they're just a rock and roll band) and in the next sentence threaten me with death. Incredible.

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Once again, stupid people have required me to separate the external links from my pages, as they are unable to understand that I don't have anything to do with the creation of these pages.  Please don't e-mail me regarding what I wrote on these pages, as I didn't write anything on them.  And don't e-mail the owners of these pages complaining about what I have done, they don't have anything to do with my site.  Now I know why they have labels on hair dryers telling the stupid people not to use them in the shower.