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Mark Scott, RIP, 1936-2005
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Old News

WXYT has changed formats.  Mark is history!

WXYT has purchased the rights to broadcast Detroit Red Wing and Detroit Tiger games starting this season.  They have dropped all political programming from the air as of January 5th, except for Rush Limbaugh who will be gone sometime in March.

After Rush's move to WJR at noon, WJR will move Dr. Laura from the Noon slot to 9 a.m.  Unfortunately, this will move David Newman out of the morning lineup into the 8-11pm slot.

If you have any questions, you may E-Mail me.  Note, I am NOT Mark Scott, and I DON'T have any more info about his next job, so don't ask!!!


Read more in the Detroit News January 5, 2001

The official WXYT news release.

Detroit Free Press Article, September 21, 2000

Detroit News Article, September 21, 2000

Mark Scott (right) and me at the "Brass Cajones" award

About Mark Scott

Mark Scott has been a radio talk show host on Detroit WXYT Radio, AM 1270 for many years. He supports libertarian views and individual rights. He's an energetic speaker, and a true force here in southeast Michigan. I am sure the last few gun right rallies would not have been as great of a success as they were if he didn't make his listeners aware of them. He talks of issues which nobody else will tackle.

Sounds of Mark Scott

Mark's Intro
Verbal Judo (37k)
Mark Scott Has Left The Building (42k)

Not So Recent Mark Scott Highlights

August 12, 1996. I attended the Brass Cajones award, and met Mark, his producer, and the lovely Myreya.
May 30, 1995. Interview with David Paulsen, President of The Mockingbird Company and Media Consultant. An excellent debate about Liberal viewpoints and liberals in talk radio. He and Mark get into it pretty good.
June 6, 1995. Interview with Stephen Moore, Economist at The Cato Institute

Words To Live By

Suggested reading by Mark Scott
Declaration of Independence/Bill of Rights
Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton
Gun Quotes
The Liberal to English Dictionary

Mark Scott Related Stories...

State Dept. Publication 7277, "Freedom From War"

The government believes that only if only one entity has weapon, the world be be a peaceful place. Of course, they never explain how that one entity won't enslave the population. Sigh. Read publication 7277 here.

Michigan Representatives

Senator Dave Jaye
Representative Deb Whyman

The HAARP Project

The HAARP Home Page is the official HAARP Home Page. HAARP stands for High frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The government says this program is being developed for a scientific research facility to study the Earth's ionosphere. One interesting thing I read on this page is a FAQ: "Can HAARP be used for military purposes?" The answer is: "The HAARP facility will be used for basic and applied research related to the study of the Earth's ionosphere. It is not designed to be an operational system for military purposes." Of course, I wonder how they can explain why the HAARP home page is located on the Naval Research Laboratory server!
HAARP Updates has excellent resources on this project, without the filtering of the U.S. Government.

Vince Foster

Christopher Ruddy Stories on Vince Foster's Death. Wow. This page is great. About 70 stories from Christopher Ruddy, a frequent guest on Mark's show, in chronological order.

Randy Weaver

The FBI Assault on Ruby Ridge has terrific info this siege. You can also download the complete Dept of "Justice" internal report on Ruby Ridge.

Tax Resister Wins!

Can you beat the IRS? Lloyd L. Long did. He admitted to have income in excess of $49,000 in 1989 and 1990, and did not file a return. Download the court transcripts here (203K)

Cancer Cure?

Dr. Burzynski Research Institute is the home page of the controversial doctor. The FDA has been trying to put this good doctor in jail for years, because he is doing things that they don't like, such as helping terminally ill people. More government corruption is demonstrated by the FDA in this one.

Other Information

Examples of Pork Barrell spending (this will get your blood boiling).