Mark Scott (right) and me at the "Brass Cojones" award

Dateline Allen Park, MI -- August 12, 1996

A few hundred 2nd amendment supporters in South East Michigan gathered together to give the "Brass Cajones" award to WXYT's Mark Scott, State Rep Alan Cropsey, Macomb Country Prosecutor Carl Marlinga, and Langsburg Police Chief Lon Cripps. These gentlemen were singled out for the "Testicular fortitude" in defense of 2nd Amendment rights and concealed carry laws.

The night was hosted by candidate Jon Coon and was organized by The Brass Root organization. The event was put together very well. Everything went smoothly, and everyone was in great spirits (and great spirits were in most everyone!)

Alan Cropsey was the first award recipient to speak. Representative Cropsey asked if you could stop 1,570 murders, 4,177 rapes, 60,000 aggravated assaults every year, "would you do it?" These numbers--these real people--can be saved if every state in the union would allow individuals to carry a concealed weapon. This was reported as a result from a study from the University of Chicago.

Rep Cropsey admitted that at one time he didn't understand that the founders of this country expected people to defend themselves and the state. He then purchased .22 caliber pistol just to see what red tape there was to obtain a firearm. He was amazed. But now his whole family knows how to defend themselves. He also explained how one of his fellow legislators claimed that, well, people could just carry a portible telephone. I guess that defines, unfortunately, the mindset of most of our elected officials.

Police Chief Lon Cripps was appropriately introduced to the fiery crowd with the theme music to "COPS". Chief Cripps admits that most police officers can't help you when you're in trouble. Most are there to pick up the pieces afterward. He then showed his firearm to the crowd, and said, "This is what's really not fair. My wife is not anymore important than yours. My son, Matthew, 4 years old, is not anymore important than yours. I have a 22 month old daughter, Calin. I think a jury would acquit me, on the fact that I'll murder the son-of-a-bitch that touches her, or my wife, or my son." Well said, Chief.

There are not many people who can stir up a crowd like Macomb Country Prosecutor Carl Marlinga. The prosecutor is on a short list of names: He's a Democrat who supports the rights of gun owners. He was also the first politician to speak out against the guilty verdict of veteran Detroit police officers Walter Budzyn and Larry Nevers. These facts support the choice of Carl Marlinga to receive the "Brass Cojones" award.

"To govern is an awesome, and a terrible thing. To tell people what they may and may not do. To tell them what they must do, was recognized by the framers of the Constituion of the United States as one of the most awesome, terrible, and important responsibilities that anyone can take upon themselves." The prosecutor went on to explain that only 18 things the government has the power to do (article 1, sec 8 of the Constitution). "Nowhere in those 18 was the government of the United States authorized to have any say whatsoever in what personal armaments any of us in this nation would have."

The bill of rights and the 9th amendment were eloquently described by Carl Marlinga. Then finally he said, "The framers said: In article 10, in case you still haven't gotten it, anything that isn't specifically given to the United States as one of their powers is reserved to the states and respectively to the people themselves. DO YOU GET IT NOW!??!!" The crowd went nuts!

Finally, Mark Scott, who was undoubtedly the main attraction, came to the podium. Dressed in a suit, sitting with his wife, and smoking a cigar, Mark got up and accepted the award to the music "Bad to the Bone". The biggest applause of the evening followed. "This is not America with a 'K'. This is the America my grandparents came here to appreciate, enjoy, and love. It's a country that has great meaning to me because it gives me the opportunity to meet with people with like minds, like today, who truly understand liberty, and upon those fundamental principles that it rests. That the America that I want to preserve."

So now I'm charged and ready for September 8th Brass Roots rally in Lansing. In 1994, Brass Roots attracted 10,000 people on the East steps of the Capitol. Last year, however, was disappointing. So let's do it up right again this year, and show the legislators in this country that we are serious. This not the time to let up.

Some extra special thanks goes to a few people at the "Brass Cajones" award that make it extra memorable for me. Last week I was contacted by a wonderful woman from WXYT, Myreya. We talked for a while, and her excitement in this page and in the award banquet charged me up to attend. I certainly appreciate my work being noticed. I finally had the opportunity to meet Myreya, Mark's producer Bob Adams, and all of the award recipients, including the man himself, Mark Scott. I hope I can honor Mark as much as he honors us with his 2nd amendment support.

I do this page out of the love for freedom and liberty, and nothing else. In the movie "Braveheart", William Wallace understood what it meant to not compromise your principles. Even seconds before his execution, after excruciating torture, he was given the opportunity so cry for mercy. He yelled "FREEDOM!!!" This is what's all about.

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