That's the goal.  To make a website that will promote your individual business or life.  No cookie cutter web sites here, each one will be individually designed for you.

What I Do
As a web developer and programmer for more than 10 years working with automotive, manufacturing, and advertising companies, I offer top quality work at very affordable prices.  In addition to web design, I specialize in ASP and ASP.NET Web programming which adds a dynamic element to your website.

What does this mean for you and your business? A more functional and friendly site translates into more traffic for your website, and more customers for your business.

My Design Philosophy -- WWAD?
What Would Do? has probably spent more money and research in determining what works and what doesn't work in a website than anyone else.  For a commercial or business website, it's important that your customer can get to the information they want quickly and easily, and present the information in a clean and understandable way.  Using design elements that don't contribute to that goal is counterproductive.

For personal or more freeform websites such as for a local band or an artist, those philosopies can be expanded, because the goal is to make a fun and interactive site that demonstrates the creativity of the group.

Web Design
A customer's website has unlimited design possibilities.  We can work together to determine the best web presense for your site, developing a rich web experience for your customers which will keep them coming back.

Web Programming
A website can consist of static web pages, or they can retrieve information from a database, such as to display product information.  This makes your webpage more than just an electronic brochure, but an interactive experience.

Graphic Design
When designing your website, you can supply me with the graphics you want, or I can design them for you.  Good graphics make a good experience for your customers.

Web Hosting
If you need a web presence, we can accomodate you with shared or dedicated hosting.

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